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Notarial Services - Israel

israeli notary

As a native Hebrew speaker, I am able to provide notarial services to clients in relation to documents that need to be used and recognised in Israel. With my knowledge and experience in both UK and Israeli regulations and processes, I can ensure that your documents will be accepted by the relevant authorities in Israel saving you time, money and giving you the peace of mind you need.

I am able to certify, witness, and authenticate various types of documents (whether drafted in English or in Hebrew) that are required to be used in Israel including:

  • Notarial powers of attorney required for a property sale and/or opening a bank account in Israel;

  • Affidavits and other legal declarations;

  • Legal forms required by the Israeli Corporations Authority for the liquidation / winding up of Israeli companies;

  • Official Forms issued by the Israeli Land Registry; the Israeli Tax Authority and /or the Israeli Administrator General and Inheritance Registrar; and

  • Identity documents such as passports, national ID card, driver's license and other type of identification documents.

 I am also able to provide the following services:


  •  Translations of Hebrew documents into English and vice versa;

  • Assisting with the certification and legalisation of UK official birth, marriage, civil partnership, death, adoption and commemorative certificates that are needed to be verified by the relevant Israeli authorities; 

  • Providing documents to deal with the administration of the estate of a person who was residing in Israel or owned property in Israel; and

  • Arranging for apostille of your documents before they are sent to Israel.

Israel Notary London

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Do you need to sign a document that must be notarised by a UK Notary Public to be recognised in Israel? Then why spend your time waiting for an appointment at the Israeli Consulate in London? Please contact me today!

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