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Notarial Services

Business Clients

As a Corporate and Commercial lawyer, I possess extensive experience in handling cross-border corporate transactions for companies and partnerships. This experience equips me to effectively assist business clients with all of their international legal needs, including the following:

  • ​Notarising and authenticating the due execution of corporate powers of attorney;

  • Authenticating company and business documents;

  • Certifying true copies of commercial documents, such as trade licenses and other business registration documents;

  • Authenticating documents relating to property and corporate transactions abroad;

  • Authenticating documents required to open a foreign bank account;

  • Notarising corporate documents required for the incorporation of subsidiary companies abroad;

  • Notarising Certificates of Good Standing of UK companies;

  • Notarising Company’s Annual Return, Statutory Registers, Memorandum and Articles of Association;

  • Verification of company director/secretary signatures;

  • Providing authentication services for legal documents that are intended to be used in foreign countries, such as export/import documents, bills of lading and other commercial documents;

  • Notarising affidavits and statutory declarations for foreign proceedings;

  • Notarising documents relating to the assignment or registration of trademarks; and

  • Preparation of relevant board resolutions and board minutes required for the due execution of business documents.

Tom Ginot Notary Public | Native Hebrew Notary Public -  Individuals, Businesses & Legalisation| London, UK

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I understand that as a business, time is of the essence and the legal requirements can be complex. Accordingly, if you have any further questions or would like to book a meeting then please do not hesitate to contact me today.

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