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Tom Ginot Notary Public | High Quality Boutique Notarial Services – Holborn & Finchley | London, UK


Welcome to Tom Ginot Notary Public -  reliable, swift and cost effective notarial services in Central London (Holborn & Chancery Lane) and North London (Finchley & Hendon). My boutique notarial practice is based on dedication, commitment to excellence and honesty ensuring that you always receive a seamless service when it matters the most.

Introducing our law firm

My Services


Individual Clients

I offer wide-range of notarial services to individuals including notarisation of power of attorneys for use abroad, authentication of documents relating to overseas property transactions, witnessing declarations and affidavits, certification of ID documents and education degrees.


Business Clients and Companies

As an experienced corporate lawyer, I am able to offer tailored notarial services to companies, partnerships and other types of business clients. If your corporate documents require notarisation and authentication by a Notary Public, then please do not hesitate to get in touch today. 


Legalisation / Apostille

From time to time, a document signed before a Notary Public may require a further certification by the relevant embassy or via legalisation with an Apostille in order to be recognised abroad. If necessary, I can handle all of your legalisation requirements in a stress free manner or alternatively, advise you how to do it yourself.


Notarial Services in Hebrew

שירותי נוטריון לונדון

As a native Hebrew speaker, I offer professional notarial services (including translations) in relation to Israeli documents that are intended to be used and recognised in Israel. This may include witnessing affidavits and authenticating other types of documents (including power of attorneys) which have been drafted in Hebrew.

About Me

Tom Ginot Notary Public | High Quality Boutique Notarial Services – Holborn & Finchley | London, UK

Tom Ginot

I am a reliable, pro-active and versatile Notary Public based in Central London (Holborn & Chancery Lane) and North London (Finchley & Hendon) and can offer wide-range of affordable notarial services to both individuals and companies.


I am also a qualified Solicitor practising corporate and commercial law at Teacher Stern LLP†, a top tier commercial law firm in London. Over the years, I have been involved in numerous high-value corporate and commercial transactions and have gained extensive experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating key transaction documents usually with cross-border elements.  

My legal expertise and commitment to the highest standards allow me to offer my clients an unparalleled service which is not only quick but also cost effective ensuring my clients are always saving time and money wherever possible.

By choosing my notarial services, you can simply expect the best. 

My notarial work is undertaken by “Tom Ginot Notary Public” which is the trading name of Art Notarial Services Limited, a company registered in England and Wales with company number 15559305. “Tom Ginot Notary Public” is completely independent of Teacher Stern LLP and is regulated through the  Faculty Office of the Archbishop of Canterbury and not by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Tom Ginot Notary Public | High Quality Boutique Notarial Services – Holborn & Finchley | London, UK

Why a Notary?

The role of a Notary Public is to authenticate documents for use outside of the United Kingdom. A Notary Public may be required to certify the proper execution or signing of any sort of document that is to be used overseas and, if necessary, to confirm that it is binding under English law. Depending on the country in question, the authentication of documents to be used abroad is usually reserved to a Notary Public only and therefore, cannot be undertaken by a qualified Solicitor in England and Wales.   

Compared to a Solicitor, a Notary Public practising in England and Wales must also pursue additional academic studies and professional training to cover subject areas that are more specific to the specialised nature of the notarial profession. 

Notaries are members of the oldest branch of the legal profession in the United Kingdom, appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and subject to regulation by the Court of Faculties.

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